Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion

A family of five wanted a little more room and a lot more functionality in their 1920s story-and-a-half bungalow. Damage from ice dams and inadequate structure made it impractical to save the top floor. 

Awad + Koontz created an entirely new second floor and opened the layout on the first floor while preserving the footprint of the original house. The new second story adds just 400 square feet to the home, but the impact is huge. Space-savvy design makes the entire house feel open, livable and uncrowded.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - House Front | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

The farmhouse-inspired exterior features vertical siding with battens and casement windows with horizontal muntins.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - Living Room | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

Bringing the staircase up to code required a custom solution at the bottom of the stairs, which extend into the kitchen area. Extra storage and a peninsula island create a comfortable, seamless transition.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - Stairs | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

A view from the stairwell highlights the bright, open interior and bespoke metal handrail. Generous windows turn the second-floor landing into a showpiece.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - Living Room to Porch | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

Nine-foot-wide entry doors flood the first floor with natural light. In the expanded living area, new white oak flooring is blended with the original hardwood floors for a seamless look.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - Back Porch Raftertail | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

The structure of the cedar porch is deliberately exposed, with industrial lighting, galvanized steel gutters and a metal roof chosen for their durability and crisp aesthetic.

Bungalow to Farmhouse Conversion - Master Bedroom | Awad + Koontz | Design-Build | Minneapolis

The original upstairs was cramped and gloomy with limited headroom. Inventive space planning on the new second floor allowed room for three bedrooms, a bathroom, and an open landing that functions as a home office.

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