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Ali Awad and Jim Koontz

About Awad+Koontz

Awad + Koontz is a residential design-build firm based in southwest Minneapolis. Architect Ali Awad is lead designer. Jim Koontz is lead builder.

Ali and Jim started as friends and neighbors with a shared passion for houses. Ali was working in a commercial architecture firm and moonlighting as a residential architect. Jim was running his own custom construction and remodeling business. Ali did some design work for Jim, and their styles clicked. After a few successful collaborations, Ali and Jim decided to make their partnership official and formed Awad + Koontz in 1997.

Awad + Koontz creates thoughtful, livable homes that are meticulously planned and constructed. The firm specializes in remodels and expansions. Ali and Jim preserve the heart and soul of traditional homes while reinterpreting them for modern living with fresh layouts and practical solutions for everyday living.

The design-build process capitalizes on the strengths of Ali and Jim and their culture of collaboration. From the beginning of each client engagement, they address design and construction together, as a team, and strive to find the best solution for the client’s schedule and budget. The architect and builder have the same goal: to put their creative energies to work to deliver new spaces that clients love to call home.

Awad + Koontz has earned a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget, and the firm has won numerous industry awards and recognition for its work.